Tempane MP donates 1000 desks to schools in Tempane District

Mr Joseph Dindiok Kpemka, Member of Parliament for the Tempane Constituency in the Tempane District, has donated furniture and other logistics to primary schools in the district.

About twenty primary schools in the district are receiving 1,000 dual desks and some teaching and learning materials to promote teaching and learning and help improve the falling standards of education in the district.

Mr Kpemka, who is also the Deputy Minister for Justice and Attorney General, said education is the bedrock for national development and every effort should be made to ensure that education is given the needed attention.

He said education is a tool that could be used to champion community based developments and stakeholders including the district assembly, the clergy, traditional authorities, parents and teachers ought to motivate their children to be in school.

Mr Kpemka said our homes, churches, schools and communities are agents of change and should be used to encourage pupils to attend to their studies.

He said proper education of children would guarantee human resource and the development of the country; and thereby reduce the challenges that come with illiteracy.

Mr Kpemka urged parents to shun alcoholism, irresponsible parenting, pushing their girls into early marriages and other child related abuses and be role models to their children.

He urged the youth to identify themselves as the driving force for national development and emulate responsible adults in their communities.

Mr Kpemka pledged to lobby government and other partners in education to secure other amenities that could improve the socio-economic lives of the community members.

Mr Emmanuel Avoka Asore, District Chief Executive for the Garu and Acting Executive for newly created Tempane District, received the items on behalf of the schools and pledged to distribute them judiciously to benefit the schools in the area.

Mr Asore said the support is timely and at a point where the district needed classroom furniture to enhance teaching and learning.

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