The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning as part of their efforts to ensure participation and accountability of Government Funds in public offices organised a Public Hearing on the 2023 Composite Budget for the Tempane District. In attendance were some chiefs and opinion leaders, District Chief Executive, District Coordinating Director, all heads of Units and Department, NGOs, CBOs, Development Partners, ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Regional Budget Officer, Regional Coordinating Director among others. The audience were taken through the Budget preformance from 2020 to 2022, Funds inflows with expenditure, Internally Generated Funds (IGF) preformance, and 2023 budget for the Tempane District. Participants made inputs and suggested ways upon which the IGF could be increased and achieve its target, the team from the Ministry made inputs into the 2023 budget and thanked the Budget Committee of the Tempane District for a competent work done.

The Agric Department of the Tempane District Assembly under the sponsorship of USAID- Advancing Nutrition Ghana project organised a food based demonstration for some women groups in the Akara community. These women groups were taught on how to combine their locally produced food stuff in order to gain the right nutrional value and promote healthy eating among women and children in the Temapne District.

The Enhancing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (EN-WASH) Activity is a 5-year USAID funded project awarded to Global Communities with World Vision as one of the sub-grantees. The purpose of this grant is to increase access to sustainable WASH services in some Districts (of which Tempane is a beneficiary) located in six regions.
As one of the preliminary implementation activities, the Tempane District Assembly in collaboration with World Vision Ghana with support from Global Communities invited some key stakeholders in the District which included Traditional leaders, Some heads of Department,CBOs, the various Chairman and Secretary of Small Town Water Systems,Nooriyinne radio station among others to a dissemination meeting on the National Drinking Water Quality Management Framework.

Participants were taken through the findings of the research conducted on water quality in the country which was taken into consideration during the preparation of the National Drinking Water Quality Management Framework. Participants were grouped to identify the various water systems in their communities and how it’s quality is affected at source, treatment, transportation and usage.

The District Chief Executive Hon. Issaka Anabiba entreated all participants to support the implementation of this project and framework. He also uses the opportunity to thank World Vision and Global Communities for this thoughtful act.
The meeting was a well informed one with all participants charged with the responsibility to promote the use of quality water in their various communities.