Support  families  and  individuals in the  handling of Non  –  Child  Maintenance cases, Child  Abuse,  Custody, Paternity and Family Reconciliation

Facilitate  the  implementation of the  Livelihood  Empowerment  Against  Poverty

(LEAP) activities;

Supervise and monitor  the setting  up and operations of residential homes;

  • Conduct and write social investigation report  for the purposes of licensing  and compliance  of the National standards for residential homes;
  • Handle  domestic  violence cases and spousal  abuse;
  • Supervise,  monitor and facilitate the registration of Day  Care  Centres;
  • Supervise and monitor the  implementation of Social Intervention programs e.g. School Feeding  Program;

To intervene in cases of children in Worst Forms of Child Labour;

  • Remove, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate Street Children;
  • Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate victims of Trafficking in Persons (TIPs)
  • Provide alternative care for children without parental care such as foster care and adoption;

Identify and Register Persons with Disabilities (PWDs);

  • Conduct physical,  medical  and psycho-social need   assessments;
  • Facilitate livelihood empowerment programs for PWDs;
  • Offer psycho-social counseling to affected persons  with disabilities   and HIV- AIDS etc.;
  • Provide hospital welfare services;
  • Undertake sensitization and social education on social problems;
  • Undertake probation and prison after care services;
  • Make representation at the juvenile and family courts;
  • Prepare and submit social enquiry reports;