The Tempane District Assembly held its 38th Farmers Day Celebration

The Tempane District Assembly held its 38th Farmers Day Celebration at the Tempane Junior High School Park under the theme “Accelerating Agricultural Development through Value Addition”. The celebration was Chaired bybthe Presiding Member Hon. Ndebilla Moses with the District Chief Executive Hon. Anabida Issaka, District Coordinating Director, staff of the Tempane District Assembly and other dignitaries present at the occasion. The Director of Agric in his address thanked all stakeholders  especially BESSFA Rural Bank, World Vision, PAS-G and Tempane District Assembly for their support in ensuring Farmers in the Tempane District are well celebrated. The Honorable District Chief Executive , Hon. Anabida Issaka in his address stated that the government led by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has laid down policies to boost Agric Business Development through the introduction of some Government flagship programs in the agriculture sector such as modernization of Agriculture, Planting for food and jobs, one village one dam, rearing for food and jobs, fertilizer subsidy among others. He added that these initiatives by Government has offered farmers in the Tempane District who are mostly all year round farmers the opportunity to farm in the District to grow the local economy instead of them traveling to other places to farm. He also applauded the Agric Department for their continuous efforts in training farmers across communities in the District to adopt improved technology, climate smart farming practices to increase production and income of Farmers. He ended by congratulating the gallant farmers for their sacrifices and contribution towards the development on the local economy.

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